Belief Change

You’re confused, you’re overwhelmed, you feel hopeless, less than, and you don’t know how or where to turn.

You are not alone

Discovering dyslexia or any another learning difference can be frightening and confusing. Some of us have a map that is failing us, some of us don’t have a map at all. Dyslexia doesn’t go away even if you overcome initial literacy challenges, it is with you for life – it is how you process the world. The right map is critical, otherwise you will be lost.

This is true whether you are dyslexic, an adult or child, or a family support member.

The Family Journey is designed to allow you to find a new map that gives you certainty, a version that keeps updating the more you learn. It introduces you to how neurology operates and what can be done to help it perform optimally for each individual. 

How would it be for you to think about your neurology like the software on a phone and you have apps for different behaviours, strategies, and beliefs. On a phone for example, when we have an app that is not working well we delete and replace it with something else, neurology is the same. With Neural Coding™ we have the ability to update the software in your brain to allow you to gain access to more information for the map – the map necessary to be able to navigate the dyslexia landscape.

The right map will allow you to embrace and own your dyslexia, to be able to navigate the obstacles and remove some of the critical barriers that stop you from learning, moving forward, and reaching your potential.

The right map will allow a family support member the same ability to navigate obstacles and support those that they love.

The Family Journey is an approach and a process to allow you or your loved ones to uncover the full potential of how your neurology works and allow you to navigate this world with your updated map.

What you believe about yourself is the key to optimising your ability to live, it is the key to unlocking your genius and ultimately is the key to unlocking happiness.

Let go, be free and unlock the strengths of dyslexia.

Find out more and how this may be helpful:

I Am An Adult Dyslexic (Or I Suspect That I May Be) 

I Am A Parent Of A Young Person Who Is Dyslexic Or Who Is Struggling At School 


I was referred to Sarah recently via the dyslexia foundation, which I contacted due to difficulties furthering my self improvement with my cognitive learning ability. I had notice improvements over the year’s but I always felt I was carrying a heavy bag on my shoulders, which constantly pulled me backwards. I was unaware of the damaging effects my previous self beliefs were having on my personal growth in life.

With Sarah’s help, we’ve discovered the limiting beliefs, removed them and I don’t feel the need to carry around this heavy bag any longer. Sarah’s communication skills and caring coaching style were gratefully appreciated. 

Thanks very much Sarah 

I am an adult dyslexic
(or I suspect that I may be)

Congratulations, you made it!

We know that achieving change is all about accepting or acknowledge that a problem exists. The fact that you are here reading this means that the biggest barrier has been overcome.

Realising just how much your dyslexia or learning challenges have impacted your life is a big moment. Take a minute to reflect on your journey, the challenges that have presented, and what you have been thinking about yourself.

It’s easy and likely that you have been saying negative things to yourself, inside your mind. Speaking to yourself terribly, putting yourself down, feeling frustrated, and possibly sliding into a dark place of sadness and disappointment.

Are any of these statements familiar to you;

• I am stupid 
• I am not intelligent 
• I am not good enough 
• I am worthless
• I am lazy 

• I cant ……….


The list could go on and yet the reality is that none of these are true. They are called ‘Limiting Beliefs’, they limit our success, our happiness and our ability to fully engage in life. A limiting belief is a piece of neurological code that is installed before the age of 7 and it becomes a major driver in how we behave. 

Let’s say you believe you are not good enough, your brain is highly sophisticated and wants to please you, so it heads out looking for some evidence to prove just that. This can show up in what is perceived as poor behaviour, failure in school, poor concentration etc, etc. The more evidence that is shown the deeper the limiting belief sets in. It’s a virus of the mind and it impacts life in a number of ways.

What is exciting to learn is that Limiting Beliefs are as easy to remove as deleting an app from your phone in 3 easy steps. 

1) Identify the problem

2) Delete the problem

3) Install the solution

It is fast and it lasts.

Register now for a 15-minute Discovery Phone Call with one of our professional facilitators. Enhance your understanding and identify how to move forward. The cost of $29 is only payable if you find the call valuable.


    Every young person is a superhero and all superhero’s have a disguise. What does your child’s  disguise look like?

    It can be hard to see your child’s super-powers when they are struggling at school. You may actually be feeling it’s your child or you that needs rescuing!

    It can be really confusing and a bit scary when you learn that your child has a learning difference and that is ok, we all have things that we are frightened, nervous of or confused by.

    Dyslexia is a family journey.

    Being different or dealing with difference can make you feel that you are not as good or as fortunate as others. You can feel that you or your child won’t be able to do the same things or have the same expectations as others, have you ever thought that? 

    What if you were told that you didn’t need to feel this way and the reality was that your child has superpowers. Finding their superpowers is easy, fast and once you have found them, they stay with them forever.

    Our Superhero discovery team will take you and your child on a brilliant journey, they will guide you through the maze of dyslexia and show you the path to your cape. 

    Register now for a 15-minute Discovery Phone Call with one of our professional facilitators. Enhance your understanding and identify how to move forward. The cost of $29 is only payable if you find the call valuable.

    I am a parent and would like to know more about how I can help my chlld that is struggling at school