Inspiring New Zealanders

Dyslexia is an alternative way of thinking which can bring both challenges and rewards. The challenges often come in mastering skills like reading and writing, and overcoming feelings of difference and disenfranchisement. On the flipside, dyslexia can provide strengths in areas like creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship – lending itself to truly thinking outside the square! 

This page is dedicated to inspiring New Zealanders who have turned difference into success.

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Multi-award winning musician 

Billy Graham 
Boxing Coach (NaeNae Boxing Academy) and Motivational Speaker

Geoff Blackwell 
Book Publisher

Geoff Knight 
Tenor and Motivational Speaker 

Himi Ratnakar 
Graphic Designer, Photographer and Video Editor

Lucas Chisholm
Young Writer and Publisher

Sir Peter Leitch 
The ‘Mad Butcher’

Paul Reid
Chief Operating Officier
NZ Post

Sir Richard Taylor 
Weta Workshop Founder

Sian Jaquet
Life Coach and

Graeme Hutchinson
Read Graeme’s story