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For years people thought Johann Massyn was simply slow or negative until his school teacher suggested he could be dyslexic.

Johann, 11, has received an award at his school for his academic progress and much improved reading age which recently went up four years.

"We just thought he had a reading problem. The first reaction was he’s not performing, he’s negative," his father Johan Massyn says.

That was until a teacher at Mairangi Bay School suggested Johann may be dyslexic and after much research, his parents discovered that he was.

"Since it’s got out in the open he’s like a different child, he kept to himself before," Mr Massyn says.

"It’s a surprise. Now he’ll pick you a book and read it which he never used to do, or he’ll read an ad, little things. He reads the instructions on a toy himself which he never used to do."

Johann says school has become less of a challenge since learning about his condition which affects his ability to read and write.

Mairangi Bay School awarded him with the Elizabeth Edmond Cup for his reading and writing progress and in extra-curricular activities.

"He’s been doing really well in the last three years and putting in a lot of hard work," a proud
Mr Massyn says.

Johann’s teachers and friends have been supportive and give him extra help when he needs it,
he says.

"Once the kids were told what it’s about they realised he’s not slow. It’s helped his self-esteem."
Mr Massyn says.




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